Sep 272012


Saturday September 29th! Proceeds go to the Families of Kirsten and Dillon featuring the music of SuperGiant, Anesthesia, Requiem Mass, Caustic Lye, Suspended, Until Chaos, Echoes of Fallen, Torture Victim, Eve of an End, The Ground Beneath, and Baked!

Kirsten was a dear friend to the band and came almost every local SG show. She will be missed :(


Jul 052011

Photo by Sam Adams

SuperGiant’s new disc PISTOL STAR is now available for purchase online through CD BABY here

The band will celebrate the release of the new record this Saturday, July 9th at Launchpad in downtown Albuquerque, NM. The show will feature new bands HIGH IRON and BLACKENED ROOTS. It’s only $5 to get in the door.

You can also purchase PISTOL STAR digitally on SuperGiant’s BANDCAMP page for only $7.77! Go to the page to listen to a couple songs.

Hope to see you all at the CD Release Party this weekend!


Dec 222009

Vinyl Release PartyYes it is true records are a dying art, that is precisely why we made one. There is a life in an album that far exceeds anything an ipod could ever hope to do. Thank you to everyone who came out in support of our neolithic idea of putting our music to the almighty record. We love you.

In this age of modern technology as humans continue to disconnect to one another by using technology to replace actual human interaction we find ourselves longing for the next source of instant gratification and missing opportunities to connect with real people. Yet we have convinced ourselves that being on these boxes of wires is real. There really isn’t much debate on that, its a screen with a box of wires. Do you remember when there were only phones at home? Those were the days when driving was safer because some 14 year old girl wasn’t going 70 miles an hour down Central Avenue while text messaging about the latest Hannah Montana album and the drama that happened at lunch while she ate cheetos and drank apple juice.

There was a time when strangers seemed to care more, when people were paying attention to one another rather than their phones and their computers, there was a greater sense of community. I miss those days, yet find myself enthralled and overwhelmed by all of the new shit we come up with daily. Even as I type this I chuckle at myself for communicating through this medium, I wish I could look in your eyes and speak to you and hear your response rather then hoping this translates in some way. It is fascinating to watch us fumble over one another for the latest and greatest box of wires. Someday the batteries will burn out, the satellites will fail and technology will die leaving us to panic and reinvent ourselves and our minds again. I am longing for that day, it used to be so fucking simple and inevitably will be again someday.

We have recorded the base tracks for Pistol Star and it looks as though we will have 8 new songs to share with you in 2010. With topics ranging from drunken Mexican escapades to the most finite forms of energy that bind the entire universe together. Everything is matter and a matter of perspective. Joel is going to record the vocal tracks after the new year and we are anticipating a spring release. In the interim moments between now and then enjoy your holiday celebration regardless of what you conceive God or Love to be. We are all made from the same atoms, the same energy and the same source. So however you define it or don’t, be merry and enjoy your existence.

Happy Holiday from your friends and family of SuperGiant

LOVE is all there is.

Nov 092009

new SuperGiant bootleg recording from our set last Saturday 11.7.09 at Launchpad! Concerts4Cures to raise $ to buy instruments and instruction for kids fighting cancer.

Thanks to PaulE for getting people together for a great cause, Joe for hosting the event, Aaron for doing sound,  Wolf for recording the show and posting and to everyone who came out to support the cause. This recording contains a few songs that will be on our upcoming album “Pistol Star”

SuperGiant live at The Launchpad 110709 by jasonwolf

Oct 142009


We just got the news and our hearts go out to Dickie’s friends and family.

We’re really grateful that we got the chance to meet and spend some time with him and Blue Cheer on their last US tour. SuperGiant played, partied, and hung out with them until about 4am that night. We learned a lot just from listening to those guys speak about life, music, and the road. I could seriously write a book about it. It’s also not every day you get to hear first-hand stories about Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. They were the most gracious and humble band we have ever shared the stage with.

It’s not often an original, groundbreaking band from the 60s era tours in a small van and plays a venue like the Launchpad. He loved rock n roll so much and it showed. His humble, renegade attitude and love of rock n roll is something that will stick with me forever. Meeting him and BC was definitely one of the most memorable nights of being in a band for us and we won’t forget it.


Aug 052009


The trip to Denver to shoot our video for “Petunias” was one of our most enjoyable experiences to date as artists. We were without Gary on the drive to Denver, but he flew out to meet us the following day. The drive was short and funny, although i must say that cruising in a torrential downpour while on the highway is a very scary experience, we could not see a foot in front of us or behind us for a good 15 minutes. Weather always seems to save its dirtiest little secrets for us when we travel, but we have come to embrace the storms as much as the sunshine.

Anna Marie Vigoda of 100feetpromotions the director and producer of our video, assembled a team of visual magicians to help us get our first video off the ground. We shot for ten hours on Saturday in a 30,000 sq. foot studio with a black screen, a first for all of us. We got the shots the production team was looking for, and had a challenging time trying to translate live energy to a non live setting.

The best results artistically happen when you completely take yourself out of the equation to let something greater than the self come through. We were so grateful to be working with such capable, humble, professional people. There are 2 more shoots without the band that are scheduled for September to incorporate other visual dynamics.

Unlike a lot of videos and commercials today, that objectify and degrade females, we are hoping to share a vision that embraces the sheer beauty and amazing energy that women bring to our world. Equality and appreciation of women are the underlying themes of the song, and with what we have seen so far the video is going to be a brilliant portrayal of those feelings and ideas. We are blown away by what the team has in mind for the final product…. so stay tuned and stay in LOVE.