Dec 012009

SuperGiant – Self Titled
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Now, I’ve never been to Albuquerque, New Mexico. In fact, I haven’t even come close, but when I found out that SuperGiant hails from those parts, my mind immediately assumed that I would hear some fat, fuzzy, smoke-wreathed chords, some peyotian lyrics, and that kinda head-down determination to rock blended with just enough space to keep the mental pores open and provide a break from the hair-throwing. This is because I am psychic. And this is exactly what I got.

Now, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hear a touch of the Kyussian here, but I’d be hard-pressed to think of a band that embodies what I think of as “stoner rock” who avoids this favorite of all name drops. And SuperGiant does indeed embody that, but there is a vibe here that makes this unique, and (more importantly) rewards repeated listens. A big part of that vibe comes courtesy of Joel Rogers’ vocals, which are neither growly, guttural, shrieking, or piercing. They are, instead, somewhat understated, with an undertone of darkness that makes these songs more haunting than your run-of-the-mill retrobates. In fact, I’ve been beating my brains out all day trying to figure out who he reminds me of, without success, unless any of you know Scab Cadillac.

Also contributing to the vibe are the stylistic swings between songs: “Devil, Jesus and Me,” my favorite track, has a menacing swagger that The Lizard King would have appreciated, while “Sphere Mirror” is a Blue Cheer-y blooze with feedback-bleeding guitar work that could only have made he happier if it had been about six minutes longer. We get some of the almighty flange, lest we forget what territory is being mined here. We get some rockers. And, in closing track “War for Peace,” the band gets political. Never a bad thing in these weird times. Highly recommended.

Oct 202009

These American ‘lumberjacks’ love using heavy timber in their carpentry, blending 51% southern ass kicking with 51% stoner rock and you get SUPERGIANT!

Much has happened since the debut ep and Supergiant are moving rapidly like a venomous snake out hunting. This hammer hits everything that moves, and i bet these champs eat vodka marinated nails for breakfast and wipe their asses with extra coarse sandpaper!

On the second release ‘Antares’ you get a brilliant concoction containing 14 well alternating rock acts. The first track ‘Psychedelic sunset’ is bad ass rock’n roll machinery, full of energy and with a strength that makes mother-in-law shit her panties. ‘Psychedelic sunset’ is the right medicine for those about to rock and you need this for your party! The show continues with the heavier ‘Petunias’, this psychedelic flower(s) shows a grandeur that makes any botanist fade. You get shit loads of heavy riffings with a bluesy touch, melodic vocals and an awesome bass line. ‘Petunias’ is one of the best tracks on ‘Antares’ and one of my favourites for sure.

Supergiant continues to surprise, tracks like ‘Everyman’ and ‘Hell faces’ makes me drool with delight, damn… this is heavy shit!! Every second of these two monsters are devastating, this is rock in its most evil form, one of the heavies tunes around and the vocals are incredible, I just love it. Supergiant delivers a 100% bulletproof mix of superiority and raw power which gives them the highest score!

Well… I thought it was over, but I was wrong. The title track ‘Antares’ makes me shaky, just as heavy and just as superior as everything else on the album. The track is a perfect mix of pure hate and psychedelic kindness which I adore. I’m on fire for the fourteenth time this evening and this starting to get real expensive… another television set have to go out of the window, it is inevitable because these giants are kings, truly one of the heaviest rock bands I’ve ever heard (and I’ve heard alot)

Buy it, it’s an order from the Supreme Council!

Tobias Beament • Planet Fuzz
August 2009