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  1. Please tell me you guys are coming to dallas or austin sometime soon.

  2. Hey Hunter, we don’t have any plans to come out there at the moment but we’re hoping to get down there in the fall once we get our new record finished. Stay posted!

  3. Coming to Pittsburgh ever? or close to?

  4. looking for supergiant tank tops now for the summer, male and female.

  5. when is the next show???

  6. I bow down humbly in the presence of such greatsnes.

  7. +1 on SuperGiant coming to Dallas! Seen y’all when you played Ft. Worth years ago and loved it. Contact Orthodox Fuzz (on FB) and see if we can get you on one of our shows here.

  8. this is probably not gonna happen but you guys should come blow up panama city floridas music scene. your band is fucking sick man. it has a melvins feel to it. and how many albums do you guys have out right now?

  9. is the band available in ABQ on October 12th.
    call me; 575-574-272-

  10. dude you guys have to come close to North Carolina!!!!! you fucking rock all my fellow hicks need to know of you

  11. Were is the aug 18 show going to be at?

  12. We played in Fort Worth once and there was literally one person there. He was really into it though.

  13. dude you guys need to come up to seattle or portland your music is felt and loved blasted at full tilt just the way you guys play it

  14. When are you guys gonna be back in Abq? And if so please be an all ages! only 17 and love your music!!!! Thanks!

  15. Hey Natasha, we play in ABQ all the time but mostly not all ages. Keep an eye on our Facebook, were working on all ages show soon!

  16. Thanks man, we’re going to tour soon!

  17. We remember that! We’re touring again soon!

  18. Jeremy will be in Asheville week after next but who knows when the whole band will get there again???

  19. Sure

  20. One of these DAZE

  21. Check out our new store

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