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  • Buying direct gives more money to the band
  • Buying DIY music expands the mind
  • No flakey flakes here, we work around the clock to service your order
  • Orders are shipped at least twice a week
  • Thank you for your support!

  3 Responses to “SuperGiant Store”

  1. Hi ordered something from your shop on christams day and understand that the holidays have slowed things down just wondering if you havent shipped it out yet that if can have the honor of getting my vinyl record signed by the band
    thank you and happy holidays

  2. Hey Guys, you should get some trucker hats made! This is Anthony from Lifesblood. We’re opening for you Apr. 2nd 2011….it’s in like a week and a half….stoked but I digress….dude….trucker hats….I’d totally rock that.

  3. Good idea, only took us 3 years to read this!

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